The meaning of Leading Children

Welcome to Leading Children Ltd, our training company that has been operating for over 12 years. The ethos of our company is a belief in a child’s right to take a leadership role in their learning.

The name ‘Leading Children’ was selected because of its dual meaning that as practitioners we lead children, but more importantly we promote their right and ability to lead themselves and us in our shared learning journey.

Rachel Jacobs

I established Leading Children in 2007. Not wanting to become a Head Teacher, or work with the Council as an Advisory Teacher, I wanted to remain free to champion the needs of very young children without constraint. I have made it my life’s mission to call out poor education policy that damages children and to question everything that pollutes good provision and practice. I love to spearhead new things, especially new knowledge about the brain and how it works, to make teaching and learning efficient. Most of all, I love to champion teachers, and support Head Teachers, who I admire and revere.

Meet My Team

Lyddie Jacobs

Lyddie has officially left us, but we keep her on an invisible piece of elastic for when we desperately need her. She has worked at Leading Children since 2017 and we are still in denial about her departure.

Ashleigh Baldwin

Ash is our Business Development Manager. She spent over 20 years developing and teaching hands-on enterprise education experiences across the UK, before stopping to spend time with her gorgeous boy. Ash frees me up to be good at my job, while she takes care of the business and tells me what to do. She has a business degree, is amazing at technology, and can do all sorts with an electric drill. Despite being complete opposites, our partnership is one of the most exciting and dynamic of my career.

Jo-Anne Dunbar

I have known Jo as a faithful, amazing friend for over 20 years. She has been a medical secretary in the NHS for over 39 years. If you need absolutely anything at all, while you are at our base, Jo will have it in her handbag. Jo literally cares for everything and everyone at Leading Children.

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