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Camping Kit

Camping Kit

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This Camping Kit includes: 2X rucksacks, each with A5 clipboard and bundle twig pencils and a torch.  Mesh cooler, kettle, 2X mess tins, 2X enamel plates, 2X enamel cups, 2X camping cutlery sets, 3Xwooden spoons/spatulas, small pan and 8 large pine cones to simulate a fire.

Rachel’s Notes:

This works best as part of den play.  I would add a map to the rucksack, maybe a flask and have the children go and build their shelter, set up their ‘fire’ with sticks and pinecones so they can get cooking.  They will find ‘food’ to cook amongst natural materials outside or from your collection and hopefully sit and chat and tell stories by the camp fire!

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