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Shut the Box - Small

Shut the Box - Small

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Shut the box, is an old pub game, which I discovered on a family holiday. 

Essentially, there are numbers 1-9 that flip over. The player’s job is to throw 2 dice and make each number the answer to the sum on the dice, so they can flip it down. 

For very young children they can match numbers to the spots (subitising), for children a little further on, they can add the numbers together, or use them as a subtraction sum.  Older children can do multiples and division.  It literally grows with them. 

If you can flip all of the numbers, then you have shut the box.  If your throw does not allow you to flip a number, you are out and the next player starts again. 

Product Dimension:

The box ix approximately 13cm (L) x 8cm (W) x 2.5cm (H).

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