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Friesian Calf

Friesian Calf

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1 x Friesian Cow's Calf figure

High quality farm figure- perfect for small world play.

Friesians are the breed of cow most children have seen in the fields. The differences between bull and cow are obvious.

Fun Facts:

Friesian cows produce 10,220 kg of milk and one calf per year, each! Bulls are either kept as ‘husbands’ for the cows or for meat.

Perhaps the most famous Friesian Holstein was Pauline Wayne, which served from 1910 to 1913 as an official presidential pet to the 27th President of the United States, William Howard Taft. Pauline Wayne lived and grazed on the White House lawn and provided milk for the first family. Pauline Wayne was the last presidential pet cow.

Rachel’s Notes:

Have your children ever seen a cow up close? Have they stood next to them to see their size, compare their weight, seen their adorable eyelashes or smelled them? My Grandad, who lived in a farming village, used to take my sister and I up the lane to see the cows being milked every time we visited. We got a sense of what, ‘milking time’ was to a farm, we were blown away by the pungent smell of cow muck mixed with old milk, and had a thousand questions about udders, cow muck, the farmer’s proximity to so many huge beasts and how much milk came out of so few cows! Where do your children think milk comes from?

Product Dimension:

8cm (L) x 2cm (W) x 7cm (H). This is a guide to show you the general scale of the product. Contact us if you require exact measurements.

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