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Mammal Tracks and Signs Guide

Mammal Tracks and Signs Guide

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The Mammal tracks and signs guide features clear illustrations of the tracks left by mammals with paws (dog, fox, cat, rabbit, hare, otter, mink, polecat, pine marten, badger, weasel, shrew, hedgehog, mouse, rat, water vole and squirrel), and prints left by mammals with cloven hooves (sheep, wild boar and different species of deer).

This identification guide covers those species of mammal that can be reliably recorded using field signs.

  • Tracks: footprints are very useful. We have also included the tracks left by domestic animals
  • Droppings: broadly split into the three groups of herbivore, insectivore and carnivore
  • Burrows and nests: of fox, badger, rat, water vole, dormouse, hedgehog, squirrel and harvest mouse
  • Feeding remains: left by dormouse, wood mouse, bank vole, squirrel and water vole

The guide consists of 12 fold-out pages and is laminated. It a great addition to rucksacks and other outdoor reading/writing resources.

Product Dimension:

When folded up, the guide is approximately 25cm x 17cm and consists of 12 pages. 

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