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Insects of the British Isles Guide

Insects of the British Isles Guide

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This Insects of the British Isles guide is a fast reference to the main insect groups on land and water.

Avoiding technical jargon, this guide shows you precisely what to look out for. The insect orders include mayflies, dragonflies, stoneflies, alderflies, snakeflies, scorpionflies and true flies. Plus earwigs, cockroaches, grasshoppers, crickets, bees, wasps, ants, butterflies, moths and lacewings. But there are also antlions, silverfish, firebrats, bristletails, thrips, barklice and many others.

The guide consists of 12 fold-out pages and features clear colourful illustrations, making insect identification fun and easy to learn. On the reverse is a text description of insect life-cycles, and insect anatomy. 

The guides which are laminated, are a great addition to rucksacks and other outdoor reading/writing resources.

Product Dimension:

When folded up, the guide is approximately 25cm x 17cm and consists of 12 pages. 

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