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Set- Inuit & Siberian Husky(2 huskies)

Set- Inuit & Siberian Husky(2 huskies)

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1 x Inuit figure, 2 x Siberian Husky figure

High quality arctic figure- perfect for small world play.

One of my all-time favourite collections, an Inuit with spear (his arm moves up and down as he takes aim) and two huskies, which are perhaps part of his sled team.

Rachel’s Notes:

There have been many documentary series lately about Alaska and one or two show how modern-day Inuits live, out in sub-zero conditions. They lead a fascinating life – semi nomadic in that they go to different hunting grounds in the different seasons. They are fastidious about teaching their children the traditional ways of living, hunting and making things from what they catch. What a hard-working and resilient people!

Product Dimension:

The Inuit is 11cm high and each husky is 7cm tall. This is a guide to show you the general scale of the product. Contact us if you require exact measurements.

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