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Jar of Mixed Coloured Buttons

Jar of Mixed Coloured Buttons

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Over 390g of mixed coloured buttons in a plastic Victorian style sweet jar.

Buttons are useful for so many things: counting, calculating, comparing, sorting and matching, weighing, pattern-making, sewing or for putting into your water tray and squeezing! 

In terms of sewing, put some netting or hessian into a small embroidery ring and encourage the children to take a needle and thread and ‘take their needle for a walk’, going up and down through the cloth, making big and little stitches in different coloured threads at random.  Sew on a few buttons to try one more skill and to finish the piece!


We also sell the empty jars and bags of buttons separately so that you can mix and match them to suit your needs. 

We also sell an impressive extra large jar of buttons :-)

Product Dimension:

Each button varies by size and colour. Contact us if you require exact measurements. The jar is approx 15cm tall. 


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