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Life Cycle- Green Bean Plant

Life Cycle- Green Bean Plant

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1 x Life Cycle- Green Bean Plant

Four figures used to represent the stages in the life of a Green Bean Plant. Helping children to understand and appreciate British wildlife as well as learning about life cycles.

Blister Pack with parts of the lifecycle of a plant, frog or insect.

Rachel’s Notes:

These packs are so useful when you are teaching children about the lifecycles of different things. Having used film, images, books and talk to explain the cycle, these resources support children in remembering the sequence and progression of each living thing and hopefully to consolidate their new vocabulary to describe what is happening to each. Also, who knew worms laid eggs?!

Product Dimension:

To give you an idea of the scale of this product, the fully grown plant is 10cm high. The packaging is 23cm x 20cm.

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