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Life Cycle- Frog

Life Cycle- Frog

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1 x Life Cycle- Frog Collection

Five figures used to represent the stages in the life of a frog. Helping children to understand and appreciate British wildlife as well as learning about life cycles.

There are 24 frogs per pack, or 12 sets of twins! They are different in shape, colours and markings.

Fun Facts:

A group of frogs is called an army, they drink water through their skin and their nose and mouth are at the top of their head. This allows them to see and breathe while most of their body is underwater. The protruding eyes on the frog able them to see in front, to the sides, and slightly behind them. Their eyes also allow them to swallow their food. Each time the frog blinks, they are pulling their eyes down to the roof of their mouth to push the food down their throat.

Rachel’s Notes:

This is one of my favourite items we sell. You can use them to hop along a number line, have them floating on numbered leaves in a water tray, in a small world ‘pond’, as 5 speckled frogs, or on the maths table as a matching activity or just to count. Such a versatile resource!

Product Dimension:

To give you an idea of the scale of this product, the adult frog is 6cm long. The packaging is 23cm x 20cm.

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