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1 x Meerkat figure

High quality desert figure- perfect for small world play.

This quality replica is part of our desert collection. Many children will be familiar with Meerkats due to their popularity in documentaries such as, ‘Meerkat Manor’ and one of their favourite books, ‘Meerkat Mail.’

Fun Facts:

Meerkats are small burrowing animals living in large underground networks with multiple entrances. They live in mobs of as many as 50 and are members of the mongoose family. They live in Matriarchal families and share babysitting duties to keep the pups safe while the others hunt. They are not an endangered species.

Rachel’s Notes:

I believe our desert collection belongs in sand provision as a staple. I often see farm animals offered in sand play but can’t for the life of me understand why?! The sand tray offers a fantastic habitat for these creatures, especially when dry twigs, grasses and seedpods are added to make the small world environment more complex. Our desert collection includes 6 meerkats to support the idea of them living in large mobs. The collection also includes a snake, one of the Meerkat’s main predators/meals. Understanding classification through habitat is a wonderful way of supporting children’s Understanding of the world and in particular their geographical and wild-life knowledge.

Product Dimension:

4cm (L) x 2cm (W) x 6cm (H). This is a guide to show you the general scale of the product. Contact us if you require exact measurements.

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