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Leading Children

Child Size Mop & Galvanised Bucket

Child Size Mop & Galvanised Bucket

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Children need to learn how to tidy up after themselves and they can by using this child-size REAL mop and bucket.

Full size cleaning products are not suited for children because of their size, and toy ones are often cheap and flimsy. Ours are geared precisely to the needs and physical requirements of the age level so learning is real, easy and fun!

The mop has a real cotton mop head and galvanized socket on a smoothed wooden handle. Handle length is approx 60cm.

The mop bucket is made from durable galvanised steel which should stay static more eassily than a plastic alternative. It is also smaller than usual so goes perfectly with our mops. This bucket has 10 litre capacity, a strong swing handle for easy lifting, and a built-in mop strain to reduce excess water. 

Rachel's Notes:

You will, of course, need to do a masterclass to show children how to use the mop effectively and it will need to be kept clean and left in an upright position overnight to ensure it doesn’t go mouldy.


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