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Peregrine Falcon

Peregrine Falcon

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1 x Peregrine Falcon

High quality indigenous creature figure- Perfect for small world play.

This peregrine falcon is swooping in to grab some prey in its outstretched talons! The toy is supported by a grass base, simulating an, ‘in-flight’ pose so that children can see all of the details on it wing feathers.

Fun Facts:

Peregrine falcons are the fastest animals in the world. They can dive at speeds well over 200 miles per hour!

Rachel’s Notes:

It is useful to have birds of prey in a set in your classroom. They are the hunters of insects and rodents and hunt in the day, rather than at night like the owl, the other bird in our set.

Product Dimension:

6cm (L) x 3cm (W) x 4cm (H). This is a guide to show you the general scale of the product. Contact us if you require exact measurements.

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