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Leading Children

Set- Pole to Pole Collection

Set- Pole to Pole Collection

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High quality arctic figure- perfect for small world play.

In this set, there is a Polar bear and her cubs, Inuit and two huskies, 3 Emporer Penguins and 3 smaller penguins of a different species, a walrus and calf, seal, moose, reindeer, arctic hare, arctic fox and polar wolf

Fun Facts:

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Rachel’s Notes:

There is such a lot to learn from this collection. Different creatures, some hunters, some the hunted. Most creatures are wild, the huskies domesticated but hard working and able to withstand the freezing temperatures just like the rest. Then there is the Inuit man, different from us onlookers, who lives amongst them, sees them as a threat, or as food, part of his every day life. What a wonderful world to explore with children!

Product Dimension:

This Set contains figurines that range from 4cm to 11cm tall. Contact us if you require exact measurements.

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