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Reindeer / Caribou

Reindeer / Caribou

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1 x Reindeer/Caribou figure

The newest, rather christmassy, addition to our arctic small world collection. Great for story telling and Small World scenarios.

Painted and designed with attention to detail, this reindeer replica would fit nicely into the sprawling and beautiful Arctic tundra.

Fun Facts:

Reindeer are covered in hair from their nose to the bottom of their feet (hooves). The hairy hooves give reindeer a good grip when walking on frozen ground, ice, mud, and snow. Reindeer are the only deer species to have hair completely covering their nose. Their specialized nose helps to warm incoming cold air before it enters their lungs, and it’s also an excellent sniffer. Their good sense of smell helps the reindeer find food hidden under snow, locate danger, and recognize direction. Reindeer mainly travel into the wind so they can pick up scents.

Rachel’s Notes:

You need moss. A tray full of different types of moss for grass, large and small pinecones to represent trees and shrubs, rocks, green foliage, and you really would have a beautiful woody tundra for these animals to live in. They like to drink from the water’s edge so use doorstops to slightly raise your tray and the water will fall to one end. Gravel under the water and small pieces of driftwood will simulate the edge of a lake.

Product Dimension:

13cm (L) x 4cm (W) x 14cm (H). This is a guide to show you the general scale of the product. Contact us if you require exact measurements.

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