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Set- Bear

Set- Bear

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1 x Grizzly Bear figure, 1 x Grizzly Bear Standing figure, 1 x Grizzly Bear Cub figure, 1 x Polar Bear figure, 1 x Polar Bear Cub figure, 1 x Black Bear figure, 1 x Panda figure, 1 x Panda Cub figure

High quality bear figure- perfect for small world play.

Grizzly X 3, Black, Panda and cub, Polar and 2 Cubs

Fun Facts:

A group of bears is called a sloth, or sleuth.

Rachel’s Notes:

Many teachers seem to do a whole topic on bears, due to the numbers of stories that have bears in them, the teddy bear picnic, toy bear show and bear hunts. Don’t forget to add the real thing to your planning. Wild bears are incredibly interesting animals to study and our range of bears will take you all over the world as well as provide you with the means to make distinctive, stunning small world habitats for each.

Product Dimension:

This Set contains figurines that range from 4cm to 13cm tall. Please refer to the individual product lines for further information.

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