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Set- Greek Mythological Creatures (8)

Set- Greek Mythological Creatures (8)

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1 x Greek Mythological Creatures

Beautiful set of hand-painted Greek mythological creatures. Fantastic for small world play.

8 characters/creatures including Cyclops, Medusa, The Phoenix, Pegasus, Icarus, Centaur, Griffin and Cerberus. Available individually or as a set.

Rachel’s Notes:

If I had these figures with a KS2 class, I would assign a figure and a shoe box to a small group, ask them to research the story behind the figure then set about creating a backdrop inside the box. Would the figure be in the sky, on earth or in the sea? If on earth would the surroundings be jungle like, or desert? Hot or cold climate? I would then ask them to use their box and figure to create several tableaux which would be photographed, becoming the illustrations for the write up of the legend. By putting all stories in the class together, you now have an anthology of Greek Myths.

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