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Set- Grizzly Bears

Set- Grizzly Bears

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1 x Grizzly Bear figure, 1 x Grizzly Bear Standing figure, 1 x Grizzly Bear Cub figure

High quality bear figure- perfect for small world play.

We have a standing grizzly, walking grizzly and grizzly cub. In the wild, of course, male bears, or boars, have nothing to do with bringing up baby but we thought this family would be useful when it’s time to meet Goldilocks.

Fun Facts:

A group of bears is called a sloth, or sleuth.

Rachel’s Notes:

As a habitat for bears, who live in dens, why not offer some pieces of stone that children can create a cave with? They will also need lots of green and natural foliage and some small fish in a ‘river.’ Rivers can be made easily from a clear or blue rubber bathmat or with a smaller sill tray inside your larger tray, which is full of pebbles and water (and fish!).

Product Dimension:

This Set contains figurines that range from 4cm to 13cm tall. Please refer to the individual product lines for further information.

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