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Set- Polar Bear Family (3pc)

Set- Polar Bear Family (3pc)

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1 x Polar Bear figure, 2 x Polar Bear Cub figure

High quality arctic figures- perfect for small world play.

Fun Facts:

Polar bear fur consists of a dense underfur and an outer layer of guard hairs which appear white but are transparent while their skin is black! They mostly eat seals and are an endangered species. They live in the arctic.

Rachel’s Notes:

Some people add these creatures to water play, but I think you need to add (real/fake) ice if you are going to do that. Our polar bear set is for a Mum and her two cubs. We have not added dad, as in the wild he has nothing to do with his offspring. Why not try using a clear or light blue plastic bathmat as your surface with lots of real or fake ice, seals, and fish to give your habitat an authentic feel. If a male bear appears over the horizon, Mamma had better watch out! Enhance children’s language, knowledge, and the quality of their play by teaching them about polar bears before they play and ensure that all your hard work pays dividends.

Product Dimension:

This Set contains figurines that range from 4cm to 7cm tall. Please refer to the individual product lines for further information.

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